Server rules

1. Create a positive learning environment

Remember that everyone is in different stages of their coding career, so be respectful and offer constructive criticism, not nitpicks or pedantry.

2. Treat everyone with respect

Be courteous to your peers; respect them, remember the human behind the screen. We do not tolerate offensive comments (or "jokes") related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, race, age, etc.

3. No spam or self-promotion without permission

You must not spam anything on the server, whether it’s a message, emojis, pictures, links, or anything necessary or unnecessary. You’re prohibited, not even mistakenly, to perform such acts.

4. No age-restricted or obscene content

This is a family friendly community! Keep that in mind with the conversations had and the content posted.

5. Make an effort to find answers to your questions before asking help from others

Skillthrive is meant to be a community for people of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. However, this does not mean that we expect you to use the server instead of other resources like Google or StackOverflow. Rather, we hope that you will find our community a complementary resource.

6. Do not DM members for help

Please post all your questions in the server and don't send them to members privately. By posting your questions in the server, you maximize the number of people that can see them and therefore maximize your chances of getting an answer.

7. Communicate in English

Skillthrive uses English as its primary language for communication.

8. Do not post links obfuscated by link shorteners

General-purpose link shorteners like and obscure the destination of a URL, which makes it impossible to discover where a link goes and thus creates a security risk.

Short links from services like these will be automatically deleted and will result in a warning.

9. Do not upload files or screenshots of code

Use coding shares services like GitHub Gist, JSfiddle, Codepen or similar for sharing code with others. Do not upload screenshots of code. Do not upload source code files, ZIP, binaries, etc.

Uploading most types of files will result in their automatic removal by Zeppelin.

10. Do not assist in academic dishonesty

Using Skillthrive to commit academic dishonesty or help someone else with it is strictly prohibited.

11. Do not impersonate Skillthrive and mods

This includes (but is not limited to) impersonation of Skillthrive Staff, Developers, server staff, etc.

12. Respect Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

Skillthrive abides by Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, and requires members to do the same. See and

13. Subjects better discussed elsewhere

We recognize that some topics can be considered volatile, controversial and divisive, so we don't feel Skillthrive is the correct place to discuss them. However, there are communities dedicated to these subjects, and they're probably better suited for this kind of discussion.

The following are examples of topics that are covered by this rule:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Divisive sub-cultures like furries
  • Gender and sexuality
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mental health

Additionally, these topics are currently relevant and can be discussed elsewhere in more depth:

  • "Web3" (blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.)
  • The Russia-Ukraine conflict in Europe

Skillthrive moderators may intervene in and shut down conversations about these kinds of topics, and redirect them to more appropriate communities.

14. Do not share personal information

Do not ask users for their personal information, including age. We advise against sharing your own personal information.

15. Do not ask for free stuff

This includes (but is not limited to) asking for free memberships, courses, resources, or any other monetary currency.

16. No disruptive voice chat behavior

No voice changers, music, SFX, or screaming in voice channels. Do not record voice channels.